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Wayne Hudson D. Phil (Oxford), M.A. LLB (Sydney)

Wayne Hudson works as a utopian philosopher and an intellectual historian across the areas of philosophy, history, politics and religion. He is recognised as the English language expert on the Jewish German philosopher Ernst Bloch and a leading historian of English deism. He wrote his D.Phil. at Oxford, where he was supervised by the Polish philosopher Leszek Kołakowski and the American intellectual historian Martin Jay. Subsequently he was elected a Junior Research Fellow in Philosophy and taught philosophical anthropology at the University of Utrecht. He has held professorial appointments at Griffith University, the University of Tasmania and Charles Sturt University. Currently the Director of Creative Enlightenment International, he has published seventeen books and seventy eight refereed articles and book chapters. He has served as Acting President of the Australian Historical Association.
His monograph, The Marxist Philosophy of Ernst Bloch (1982), showed that Bloch, who is now regarded as the most important utopian thinker of the twentieth century, was a process philosopher like Bergson or Whitehead. It had an international impact, especially in the United States and Germany. His monograph, The Reform of Utopia (2003), argued, against the standard view, that utopianism was a universal product of the human mind and crucial to social reform. His monographs, The English Deists: Studies in Early Enlightenment (2009) and Enlightenment and Modernity: The English Deists and Reform (2009), provide a new interpretation of deism and elements of an alternative history of heterodoxy and atheism. An edited collection Atheism and Deism Revalued (2014), with Diego Lucci and Jeffrey Wigelsworth and a preface by Professor Jonathan Israel of the Institute of Advanced Study at Princeton, is in press.
Recent Publications:
Refereed Articles
·      ‘Religion and Theory’ in Culture, Theory and Critique Vol 49, Issue 1, April 2008, pp.35-48.
·      Theology, Philosophy and the Humanities’ The History of European Ideas 2013.
·      “Theology and Historicity’ Thesis Eleven (2013)
Book Chapters
·      ‘Historicising Suffering’ in Perspectives on Human Suffering ed. J. Malpas and N. Lickisss (Dordrecht: Springer, 2012) ch 14.
·      ‘Schelling’s Berlin Lectures’ in Religion After Kant (Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2012) ed. P. D. Bubbio and P. Redding. ch 5.
·      'Utopianism’ entry for the new Encyclopaedia of Philosophy and the Social Sciences (London: Sage, 2013).
·      ’Ernst Bloch’s Aesthetics’ entry for the new Encyclopaedia of Aesthetics (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013).
·       ‘Bloch and a Philosophy of the Proterior’ in P. Thompson and S. Žžek eds. Ernst Bloch and the Privatisation of Hope (Raleigh: Duke University Press, 2013). Overview updating the monograph.
·      ‘Postsecular Enlightenment’ in Challenges of Postsecularism ed. M. Sharpe (Berlin: Springer Press, 2013) ch 14.
In Press
·      Atheism and Deism Revived’ with Diego Lucci and Jeffrey Wigelsworth in Atheism and Deism Revalued edited with Diego Lucci and Jeffrey Wigelsworth (London: Ashgate, 2014) ch 1.
·      ‘Atheism and Deism Demythologised’ in Atheism and Deism Revalued edited with Diego Lucci and Jeffrey Wigelsworth (London: Ashgate, 2014) ch 2.
A further monograph, Australian Religious Thought Six Explorations, has been completed and will appear in 2015.

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