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Associate Professor Alan Corkhill
BA (Syd), PhD DipEd (NSW)

Associate Professor Alan Corkhill is a reader in German and the German program coordinator at the University of Queensland. His research interests include: German literature since the Enlightenment, especially Romanticism, Naturalism and Post-45 German short fiction, literature and film, the philosophy of language, German travel writing, and German-Australian literary and cultural crosscurrents. His current major research projects include Happiness Discourses in Contemporary German Fiction and film adaptations/remakes of German literary classics

Recent Publications

Forthcoming: “Reading Happiness in Mereau’s Das Blütenalter der Empfindung and Raimond und Guido”, in: K. v. Hammerstein/K. Horn (eds.), Sophie Mereau-Brentano verdichtet: Werk – Zeit – Raum (Heidelberg: Universitätsverlag C. Winter).
Forthcoming: “Angles of Vision in Sebald’s Nach der Natur and Unerzählt“, in: G. Fischer (ed.), W.G. Sebald and Expatriate Writing (Amsterdam: Rodopi).
Forthcoming: “’Why all this noise’? Reading Sound in Goethe’s Faust I & 2”, in: L. Fitzsimmons (ed.), Early Twenty-First Centuries Faust Studies (London).
Forthcoming: “The Endangered Artist in the Malerdramen of Hermann Sudermann and Gerhart Hauptmann”, AUMLA.
“Wolfgang Hilbig’s Appropriation of Romantic Discourse”, Neophilologus 92 (1), 2008, 93-107.
“Good Fortune Maketh the Man? Notions of ‘Glück’ in the Seldwyla Novellas”, in: H.J. Hahn/U. Seja (eds.), Die Leute von Seldwyla. 150 Years on (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2007), 25-46.
“Portraits of the Artist: Gerhart Hauptmann’s Kollege Crampton and Michael Kramer”, Modern Language Review 102 (3), 2007, 1069-1083.
“From Novel to Film to Remake: Jurek Becker’s Jakob der Lügner" in: F. Finlay/J Preece (eds.), Interactions: Contemporary German Literature’s Dialogue with the Arts, ed. F. Finlay & R. Owen (Berne: Peter Lang, 2007).
“Wassermetaphorik, Augensprache und Poetologie in Uwe Kolbes Gedichtband Die Farben des Wassers”, in: G. Reifarth (ed.), Das Innerste von Aussen. Zur deutschsprachigen Lyrik des 21. Jahrhunderts (Würzburg: Königshausen & Neumann, 2007), 91-107.
“Überlegungen zur Glücksproblematik in Goethes Faust I und II”, Literatur für Leser 29 (1), 2006, 27-42.
“Charlatanism in Goethe’s Faust I and Tieck’s William Lovell”, Forum for Modern Language Studies, 2/1 (2006), 80-92.
“B. Travens Roman Der Schatz der Sierra (1927). Fassungen und Űbersetzungen”. In: B. Travens Erzählwerk in der Konstellation von Sprachen, Kulturen und Medien (Würzburg: Könighausen & Neumann, 2005), 247-259.
“Self-Imposed Difference? The Writer as Outsider in Wolfgang Hilbig’s Novel Das Provisorium”, Seminar, 40/3, 2004 (Special Issue: Beyond ‘Ostalgie’. East and West German Identity in Contemporary German Culture), 236-248.
“Kant, Sade and the Libertine Enlightenment”, in: L. O’Connell and P. Cryle (eds.), Libertine Enlightenment: Sex, Liberty and License in the Eighteenth-Century (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2004), 61-74.
Glückskonzeptionen im deutschen Roman von Wielands "Agathon" bis Goethes "Wahlverwandtschaften" (St. Ingbert: Röhrig Universitätsverlag, 2003), 252p. (= Saarbrücker Beiträge zur Literaturwissenschaft, vol. 78).
“Whither goeth German Studies? Some Personal Observations”, Aumla, 100, 2003, 22-33.
“Zeitkritik in Hermann Sudermanns Roman Der tolle Professor (1926)”, literatur für leser, 26/1, 2003, 15-27.
“Portrait of the Artist(e): Klaus Maria Brandauer’s Screen Adaptation of Thomas Mann's Mario und der Zauberer”, New Comparison (CUP), 33/4, 2002 (Special Issue: The European Künstlerroman), 176-196. Appeared April 2004.
“Walls of Silence: Wolfgang Hilbig's Critique of GDR Society in his Short Fiction since the Wende”, in: Martin Kane (ed.), Legacies and Identity. East and West German Literary Responses to Unification (Oxford, Berne et al: Peter Lang, 2002), 67-80. (= British and Irish Studies in German Language and Literature, vol. 31).
“Reiseabenteuer in Australien, Friedrich Gerstäcker” in: H. Glaser and S. Kleine Roßbach (eds), Abenteurer als Helden der Literatur (Stuttgart: Metzler, 2002), 269-284.
“German Settlement in Queensland 1839-1939” in: J. Jupp (ed), The Australian People (Oakleigh: CUP, 2002), 369-370.
“Germans”, in: M. Braendle (ed), Multicultural Queensland (Brisbane: Department of the Premier and Cabinet, 2002), 160-168.
“The Crisis of Sexual Identity in Ludwig Tieck's Der Runenberg”, Forum for Modern Language Studies, 37/1, 2001, 38-49.
“Scarred Landscapes: Wolfgang Hilbig's Ecocritique”, AUMLA, 96, 2001, 173-188.

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