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‘Flesh sculpture and techno-sensoria: moving form laboratory to gallery’




Thursday May 17, 2012

4.00-5.30 pm

CCCS Seminar Room

Level 4, Forgan Smith Building

This paper will examine the way the work of contemporary biological artists, specifically those working with synthetic biology, constitutes a critical commentary on the biological sciences. Whereas the history of 20th century biology is often associated with an investigation of processes of evolution, these artists are interested in the centrality of engineering to research within contemporary biology. The aim of this paper, however, is not to contextualise biological art within the history of the 20th century biological sciences, but rather to consider the way it reconceptualises scientific practice itself as something inherently shaped by wider cultural logics and aesthetics.


 Elizabeth Stephens is an ARC Research Fellow and Deputy Director of the Centre.  Her research focuses on philosophies and histories of the body, informed especially by gender studies, queer theory, and French post-structuralism.  Current projects include monographs on Techno-Sensorium: Technology and the Training of the Senses and A Critical Genealogy of Normality (co-authored with Peter Cryle).  She is also editing a volume on Virtual Anatomies: The Cultural Impact of New Medical Imaging Technologies (forthcoming May, 2012).


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