The Centre for the History of European Discourses was incorporated in the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities in August 2015.

The information in this website is therefore out of date but retained for archival and staff purposes.

Dr Helen Creese BA Hons
(ANU), PhD (ANU), Grad Dip Ed (CCAE)

Research Interests
Helen Creese teaches Indonesian language and studies in the School of Languages and Comparative Cultural Studies.  Her main research interests are Balinese history and literature, particularly in the seventeenth to nineteenth centuries.  She is also interested in the intersections between indigenous pre-colonial discourses in Indonesia and those of European colonialism.  She is currently working on two projects, a social history of sexuality and marriage in the Indic courts of Java and Bali in the ninth to nineteenth centuries and a literary history of Bali.

Publications include:
Parthayana The Journeying of Partha: An Eighteenth Century Balinese Kakawin, (Leiden: KITLV Press, 1998; 'Erotic Literature in Nineteenth Century Bali', Journal of Southeast Asian Studies 33.3: 385-413, 2002 (with Laura Bellows); 'Ultimate Loyalties The Self-Immolation of Women in Java and Bali,' Bijdragen tot de Taal Land en Volkenkunde, 157.1, 2001. 'Images Of Women And Embodiment In Kakawin Literature,' Intersections 5 (May, 2001),  'Inside the Inner Court: The World of Women in Balinese Kidung Poetry,' in B. Andaya, Other Pasts: Women, Gender and History in Early Modern Southeast Asia. (Center for Southeast Asian Studies, University of Hawai'i, 2000).


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