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Dr Benjamin Myers
Dr Benjamin Myers

Dr Benjamin Myers


BA (Hons), PhD (JCU)



Ben Myers specialises in the history of Christian theological thought in seventeenth-century England and twentieth-century Europe. His doctoral thesis, revised and published as Milton’s Theology of Freedom (2006), explored the theology of John Milton’s epic poem Paradise Lost in the context of post-Reformation religious controversies.

With Professor Philip Almond, Ben is currently working on an ARC-funded project on early modern apocalypticism. He is developing independent projects on
the work of the twentieth-century Swiss theologian Karl Barth, and on the secularisation of politics in seventeenth-century England. He is also co-organising the University of Queensland symposium on Milton in Intellectual and Cultural History, and from September 2008 he will be a visiting fellow at the Center of Theological Inquiry in Princeton.

Ben is also co-ordinator of the CHED Affiliates program.


Milton’s Theology of Freedom. Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, 2006. ISBN 3110189380. xiv, 210 pp.

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Contributions to Reference Works

Six articles in The Milton Encyclopedia, ed. Thomas N. Corns. New Haven: Yale University Press, forthcoming 2008.

Over 300 entries in The Bibliography of Australian Literature, Vol. 3, ed. John Arnold and John Hay. St Lucia: UQP, 2007.

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