The Centre for the History of European Discourses was incorporated in the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities in August 2015.

The information in this website is therefore out of date but retained for archival and staff purposes.

2015 Semester 1
Histories of Science: Narratives and Boundaries

21 May: Dr Costica Bradatan (Texas Tech University), "Living and Dying for Ideas"

14 May: Dr Michael Ostling (University of Queensland), "'A pretty kind of fiend or pygmie devil': Classifying the Fairies in Early Modern Europe"

7 May: Dr Joan Leach (University of Queensland), "Knowledge Stories: Narratives of Popular Science"

16 April: Prof. Michael Hunter (Birkbeck), "'Physica Peregrinans': Robert Boyle, His Informants and the Role of the Exotic in Late Seventeenth-Century Natural Philosophy"

2 April: Dr Heather Wolffram (University of Canterbury), "Dangerous Minds: Contested Narratives of Criminal Profiling"

12 March: Prof. Ed Larson (Pepperdine University), "America's Ongoing Anti-Evolution Crusage: An Evolving Narrative"

5 March: Dr Elizabeth Stephens (Southern Cross University), "The Object of Normality: Exhibiting Normman and Norma, the Statistically Average American Man and Woman"

2014 Semester 2
History between Art and Science

16 October: Dr Mark Seymour (Otago), "'Emotional Arenas': A New Concept for Historicizing Emotions"

25 September: Dr Katie Barclay (Adelaide), "Intimacy, Gossip and Family in the Scottish Aristocratic Household (1740-50)"

11 September: Prof. Tony Ballantyne (Otago), "Colonial Knowledge Making"

4 September: Prof. William R. Newman (Indiana), "Reassesing Newton's Alchemy"

21 August: Prof. Daniel Garber (Princeton), "Novatores: Novelty and its Critics in Early Modern Religion and Natural Philosophy"

14 August: Dr. Jenny Spinks (Manchester), "Wonder Books, Religious Conflict, and Cultural Recycling in Early Modern Europe"

2014 Semester 1
History on a Grand Scale: Historical and Theoretical Approaches

15 May: Dr. Craig Lundy (Wollongong), "The Necessity and Contingency of Universal History: Deleuze and Guattari contra Hegel"

1 May: Dr. Thomas H. Ford (Melbourne), "The Natural History of Aesthetics"

17 April: Dr. Ian Hesketh (UQ), "The Return of Natural History"

3 April: Dr. Leigh Penman (UQ), "Early Modern Cosmopolites and Modern Cosmopolitics: A History of a Concept beyond Koselleck's Sattelzeit"

  • Podcast available here

27 March: Dr. Dalia Nassar (Sydney), "Analogy and Natural History: Another Look at Kant and Herder's Dispute"

  • Podcast available here

6 March: Dr. Knox Peden (UQ), "Hayden White's Metahistory, Forty Years On"

  • Podcast available here

2013 Semester 2
New Perspectives on the Early Modern

24 October: Dr. Raphaele Garrod (UWA), "The Jesuit Pedagogy of the Passions in the Seventeenth Century: Nicolas Causin and Polyhistory"

10 October: Prof. Richard Devetak (UQ), "Historiographies of the International: The Balanace of Power in Histories of the European States System"

19 September: Prof. Nicholas Saul (Durham), "Universal Acid: Evolutionary Theory, Literature, and the Limits of a Cognitive Metaphor"

12 September: Prof Rhodri Lewis (Oxford), "Love in the '90s: Shakespeare on Romantic Misapprehension"

5 September: Prof Ofer Gal (Sydney), "Passionate Knowledge: The Dilemmas and Anxieties that Shaped Modern Science"

15 August: Prof Philip Almond (UQ), "The 'Death' of the Devil in Early Modern Thought"

2013 Semester 1
Narratives of Secularization

6 June: Prof Simon During (UQ), "Is Secularity Possible?"

23 May: Prof Gerald Gaus (Arizona), "Public Reason Liberalism"

9 May: Prof Ian Hunter (UQ), "Secularization: Cartographic Sketches of a Modern Combat Concept"

18 April: Prof Conal Condren (UNSW), "The History of Political Thought as Secular Genealogy: The Case of Liberty in Early Modern England

 4 April: Dr Ian Hesketh (UQ), "The Historical Jesus in Victorian Britain: J. R. Seeley and the Controversy of Ecce Homo"

 14 March:  Prof Peter Harrison (UQ), "Science and Secularization"


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